VCB / Sectionalizer

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Our Vacuum Circuit Breaker and Sectionalizer is fully type tested as per IEC 62271-100 and is in operation at various locations throughout India. A standard breaker is provided with 8NO+8NC auxiliary contacts; although, additional contacts can be provided if required. A push button is provided for manual close/open breaker operations. The Pole units comprising vacuum interrupter and other insulating rods are filled with Nitrogen at 0.5 kg pressure to prevent surface tracking. Easy installation and high reliability adds advantage to this breaker. The breakers are designed with provisions for double trip coil and series trip coil arrangement.


Important Features of Elektrolites breaker:

  • Sturdy, compact, and maintenance free mechanism design tested suitable for 10,000 operations
  • Reciprocating bar operates all 3 phase drives instead of the usual rotating shaft
  • Independent support under all the 3 interrupters eliminates pole discrepancy
  • Visible snatch gap to determine contact erosion
  • Sleek and compact look
  • Large Creepage over the operating rod
  • Silent spring charging operation
  • Easy accessibility for servicing


 36kV Porcelain clad outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • The breaker is normally supplied in two parts—the upper part consists of pole and operating mechanism and the lower part is a fabricated structure that gives required ground clearance to live parts.
  •  The three phase poles of the breaker are mounted on a strong box steel frame, under which is mounted an operating mechanism.
  • These phase poles contain a vacuum interrupter, housed within porcelain housing; and immediately below the contact compression spring, the whole of this assembly is connected to a linear drive flat by an insulated rod.
  • The drive flat is driven by the stored energy of the spring charged mechanism.
  • The operating mechanism, besides the manual and emergency trip operation facilities, has solenoid coils for remote operations through protective relays.
  • Two mechanically driven flags are provided to show the operating status of the breaker (i.e. on/ off) and the status of the closing springs (i.e. free/ charged).


12kV Pole mounted outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Sectionalizer)

The basic construction and principle of working of the 12kV VCB Sectionalizer is almost identical to that of our 33kV outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker. 

  • The Pole mounted Sectionalizer is made using a mini vacuum arc extinguishing mechanism that is high on the reliability scale, has a small volume, and is fixed inside epoxy resin insulation.
  • The epoxy resin sealing is far more advantageous than conventional porcelain and silicon rubber sealings due to its superior anti-ozone, anti-UV, and hydrophobic properties. Moreover, it is light weight and hence convenient for transportation.
  • The spring mechanism is small in size but big on performance — it is virtually maintenance free and gives continuous error-free operations.
  • This product comes with an option of both manual and motorized operation with On/Off and charging signals clearly visible to the naked eye on the ground even when the switch is mounted on the pole.
  • It is capable of being integrated with SCADA for remote operation.
  • It is upgradable to being an auto-recloser with addition of particular relays.